Book of Laws


The mandate of TDLR is to throw light on issues involving intricate questions of arbitration, commercial law, constitutional law and criminal law. TDLR invites contributions from academicians, practitioners and students alike on contemporary and relevant issues dealing with the aforementioned areas of law.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions can be in the form of articles, case comments, opinions and short notes on the aforementioned areas of law involving an underlying theme of disputes.

  • Only original submissions will be accepted. The submissions shall undergo a plagiarism screening process. The submission shall be outrightly rejected if part(s) of the work is found to be plagiarised.

  • Submissions must be emailed to, with the subject line ‘Submission for TDLR: Topic’, in a .doc or .docx format.

  • The body of the mail shall contain the details of the author(s) along with an assertion declaring the originality of the submission. The author(s) must include their name, profession, name of the institution/organization and the category (broad area of law) the submission belongs to.

  • The submission should ideally be in the range of 1200-1500 words. The word limit may be relaxed in exceptional circumstances based on the discretion of the TDLR Editorial Board.

  • The author(s) should follow a consistent style of citation. It is recommended that all references to online sources may be hyperlinked in the text of the submission itself. Other references should be included as end-notes in the submission.

  • Co-authorship (upto 2 authors) is allowed.


Submission Process and Timeline

The submission shall undergo two rounds of editorial review and the author(s) should be willing to make the required suggested changes before publication. After the completion of the process, the author(s) shall receive an acknowledgement mail confirming the submission along with the link to the same.


  • Submissions failing to conform to these guidelines may be returned or rejected.

  • If the submission has been submitted and accepted elsewhere, including but not limited to an online platform, the author(s) must withdraw their submission to TDLR. Likewise, if the submission has been accepted by TDLR, the author(s) must withdraw their submission from elsewhere. Failure to do so shall lead to removal of the work considered for publication by TDLR.

  • Posts published on TDLR may be cross-posted. However, such cross-posting should mandatorily acknowledge that the article was originally posted on The Disputes Law Review and provide a link to the TDLR article.

  • The acceptance/rejection of the submission is based on the sole discretion of the TDLR Editorial Board. The submission shall be evaluated on the basis of criteria including but not limited to relevance, originality, analysis, structure, language and argumentation. TDLR reserves the right to reject the submission at any stage of the editorial and publication process.